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Doing Business with the Government as a MWBE Business

Capability Statement


Waterview Consulting Group Inc. supports management and employee development of global companies by providing eLearning course development, animation video creation, executive coaching
and employee leadership training.

Waterview focuses on motivating and developing each employee to achieve peak performance, at any position, or assignment anywhere
in the world.

A Certified NYC MWBE Business FMS ID: 00047621 

A Certified NYS MWBE Business Vender ID: 20315843 

Duns# 023282553


  • 92416, 92420  Training and Compliance 

  • 71547,71560  Training and Marketing 

  • 92435, 92460, 92464  Management/Leadership Training  

  • 92435  Executive Coaching  



Custom Made eLearning Development: Onboarding Programs; Employee Training and Education; Compliance and Operational Manual


Classroom-type training as well as live webinar training, for topics including:


Management Skill;

Cross Cultural Communication;

Coaching Skill;

Japanese Business Etiquette

*We are official training consultant for Honda Motors America for its Japanese suppliers.


One-on-one coaching for topics including:
Leadership Development;

Strategy Planning;

Corporate Philosophy,

Mission, Value Creation;

Communication with Employees


Animated videos for marketing, websites, newsletters, business presentations and trade shows


We Help Our Customers Achieve Their Goals

  • High quality instructional design with high quality visuals with certified by the Association for Talent Development (ATD)

  • Quick turn-around, low cost, and 2-hour reply policy customer service

  • Meticulous and thorough testing for perfect product delivery

  • Multi-lingual training provider and e-learning course developer (English,  Japanese and other)

  • A certified Founding Coach and a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), the largest consulting organization in the world in the UK.


  • Shosen Koun

Developed 13-volume custom eLearning courses for harbor container terminal operation safety standards

  • For Public for a fee

Developed 14-volume NYC Food Protection eLearning Course study guide

  • Showa Denko America

Developed US Anti-Trust Law and FCPA eLearning courses tailored to the client company’s actual business cases.

  • Horizon GMI, Nissin Travel

Created promotional animation videos for marketing

  • Major Clients ( C=coaching, T=training, E=eLearning):

Honda Motor America (T), MDA Corporation, Canada (T), Mitsui Ocean Liners, USA+HK+Japan (C), Trapac USA (C), TOTO America (T), Kajima Design and Building America (C, T) Shosen Koun, Japan (E), Matsui America (C, T, E), Showa Denko America (C, T, E), Hotta Liesenberg and Saito LLP, USA (C, T), Dexerials America (C, T, E),  Kaneka USA (C), and others

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