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Tailored for Japanese Companies

HORENSO is a convenient eLearning portal for corporate training. Contents are tailored especially for Japanese companies, and new courses are added every month. Take an innovative approach to protecting and growing Japanese companies overseas.


  • Solves the difficulty in creating an employee training system for overseas offices.

  • Systematic training for all employees.

  • No need to create training materials from scratch.

  • Provides the benefit of customized training for diverse employees.

Subscription Plan or Pay Per Course

Choose the NEW Subscription Plan or pay for each course individually.

  1. Over 300 courses available.

  2. Courses include: compliance, management, leadership, the latest HR information, legal issues, cross-cultural communications, and more, all tailored to Japanese companies.

  3. Most courses are offered in both English and Japanese.

  4. Engaging content and course format.

  5. Ideal for skills development.

  6. Convenient subscription option priced by number of employees, with no expiration date on courses.

  7. New courses will be added every month!

How can we help Japanese companies gain solid knowledge of management, HR issues, and compliance? Waterview has been thinking about this challenge for a long time. The answer is the HORENSO learning portal site specializing in Japanese companies.


Risk management ✘ Provide Professional Knowledge

Basic legal knowledge such as antitrust law and FCPA are the must-haves for management and salespeople doing business overseas. You definitely want to avoid litigation and legal complaints toward your company, so protect your employees by taking HORENSO courses and equip them with knowledge of the fundamental laws that your business is involves in. We offer sexual harassment training mandated by several states, and don't you also think that you want to be up to date with the ever-changing HR and labor laws? HORENSO has them all!  And with HORENSO, you can answer the following questions; “It’s too difficult to systematize employee training ", "What kind of training courses should be offered?", "Should we provide the same training as the Headquarter in Japan?" "How do we provide employee training as a benefit?"  

Tailored course contents for Japanese companies (in both English and Japanese)

The courses offered in HORENSO, such as Legal, HR law, compliance and management skill courses are all tailored to Japanese companies.  We created them with HR consultants and lawyers who worked with Japanese companies and included those cases they have been inquired about the most. The original management skill eLearning courses were actually used at major US companies such as Merrill Lynch, then revised to fit Japanese managers’ historical strengths and weaknesses. Many are  in English, which allows locally hired managers and Japanese expatriates to learn from the same training course.

Unique Learning Site for Each Company

Each company has its own unique site at HORENSO.  Therefore, the company specific contents such as onboarding courses and other in-house training contents can be easily added.  The training programs can be customized to fit your company’s requirements, and other regular learning management prompts are offered as well.


Initial Setup:$1,200

·Group set-up and upload employee list by department

·Set up certificate

•Company specific contents upload (additional cost)

•Development of training plan (add. cost)

••Email course expiration notification (add'l fee from 2nd notice)

Plan 10


•  Up to 10 Learners

•  $30 per additional learner

($569 if billed monthly) *

Plan 40


•  Up to 40 Learners

•  $25 per additional learner

($949 if billed monthly) *

Plan 100


•  Up to 100 Learners

•  $20 per additional learner

($1,579 if billed monthly)* 

Plan 250


•  Up to 250 Learners

•  $15 per additional learner

($2,199 if billed monthly) *

* This price list is subject to change without notice.

  • The contract period is one year from the contract signing.

  • Courses are added from time to time and you can request courses if you do not find your preferred courses in our catalog (add ’l cost depends on the course)

  • An administrator key can be offered to manage contents and learners in your company (for an additional training fee) .

  • Other additional costs:

    • Company-specific content upload charge is $500 per piece of content (excluding those produced by Waterview).

    • Creating and forwarding reports: $50 per report.

    • Application of training program up to 2 groups:  $100; $75 each additional.

    • Re-uploading the employee list: $50.

    • •Reminder notice to those who did not complete the course by the deadline is $200 from the second notice.

Subscription Agreement.pdf
Subscription Agreement.pdf

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