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Executive Coaching

We have experience coaching executives and senior managers about the following topics:

  • Leadership development

  • Strategy planning

  • Corporate philosophy, mission, value creation

  • Communication with employees


We also provide leadership development coaching in cross cultural environments for expatriate managers.  Waterview's coaches are all experienced senior managers who have lived overseas.  Understanding the issues of performing at one's peak in a different culture, we coach to provide motivation and encouragement for business leaders to create practical action plans.


Testimonials: Executive Coaching

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Tsunemichi Mukai
Executive Officer
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines

The coaching helped me to realize many things. This awareness is due to the fact that the coach was a mirror that reflected me, something I could not have realized on my own.

When I decided to receive coaching, I was in a situation where I was not able to fully perform the tasks required by the organization, and I was looking for relief. I was able to overcome this situation by receiving advice on how to acquire the knowledge, education, and skills that I lacked. A coach is a mirror of oneself, but it is up to the individual to see his or her own reflection and notice what he or she sees in it.

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Shunsuke Saito
Managing Partner

Hotta Liesenberg Saito LLP

I believe that the effectiveness of coaching depends greatly on the motivation of the coachee. If you take it seriously, I believe it will be effective.

The first coaching session was a group coaching session to promote unity of the new management group at the recommendation of the former managing partner. After that, I received individual coaching for myself to help me manage the company. When I started receiving coaching I was very skeptical about its effectiveness. I didn't change much during the coaching, but after a few years I began to realize the benefits of coaching. If I had not received coaching, I feel that my company management would be very different from what it is today.


Since I realized this, I have been receiving coaching on a regular basis every year to put my company management policy together and put it into action. Whenever I am in doubt, I refer back to the past coaching logs. It has been more than 10 years since my first coaching session, but the coaching sessions still provide me with fresh ideas.

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Mr. H.K
General Manager
Overseas Business Division

Construction Industry

As a senior executive of an operating company, when I think about my own career and the future development of the company, I often get stuck in my own thoughts or go in circles by myself. The executive coaching helped me to organize my thoughts, and by recording them in a form, I was able to look back later and correct my trajectory.

Although I do not remember the specific details of each coaching session in detail, I was able to summarize my thoughts on an A3 sheet, which depicted my vision for the next 5 to 10 years, as well as the future growth and development of the company. By summarizing my thoughts to some extent, I think I was able to be aware of my axis without wavering when there were changes from there.

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