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eLearning Courses, Corporate Training & Executive Coaching

Waterview Consulting Group, Inc. supports management and employee development of global companies by providing eLearning course development, executive coaching and employee training.




HORENSO eLearning Courses

Focusing on protection against litigation in the U.S. and the successful management of local employees, the HORENSO eLearning platform features a beautifully user-friendly design that easily introduces vital information to company employees.


We develop corporate training materials for management skills, cross-cultural communication, compliance, onboarding (new employee orientation), and more. Waterview’s developers all completed eLearning Instruction Design advanced courses and are certified by the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Animation, video and interactive elements are focal points of engagement of learners and it will foster “stickiness" of learning. Our high quality design enhances visual impact for learners. 


Management Skills eLearning

Our skill courses designed for managers offer guidance on topics such as providing feedback and instructions, how to conduct and write effective performance reviews, and discuss employee feedback and comments. 


Courses also include summary of important US Federal and State human resource laws and regulations. We also offer Japan-America cross cultural communication courses and sexual harassment courses.


  1. Cross Cultural Communication

  2. Sexual Harassment (General)

  3. Sexual Harassment (Restaurant)

  4. Management Skill: Instruction

  5. Management Skill: How to Give Feedback

  6. Management Skill: How to Counter

  7. Management Skill: Performance Evaluation

  8. Management Skill: How to Write Performance Evaluation

  9. Management Skill: Hiring and Interview


Sexual Harassment Prevention eLearning

Learn how to recognize and avoid situations that lead to sexual harassment, to create an environment where employees feel safe. Not only is sexual harassment training mandatory, it also helps protect against demotivated employees and lawsuits.

  1. Definition of sexual harassment

  2. What actions are considered sexual harassment?

  3. Background

  4. What happens to companies that permit harassment?

  5. What happens if you perpetuate harassment?

  6. What to do if you experience harassment

  7. What to do if you become aware of harassment

  8. Preventing harassment

  9. Quiz



Food Protection eLearning

This eLearning course intended to help all staff of restaurants, deli, or food service companies to learn about food protection procedures and prepare for unannounced visits by inspector.


The objectives of the course:

  • Every staff member learns about the cause of food poisoning, and will be able to avoid the situations causing food poisoning

  • Every kitchen staff member is equipped to answer correctly, any questions arising during  an unannounced inspection

  • Acquire and maintain the Grade A Certification



  1. Introduction and Inspection, Food Safety

  2. Receiving Foods

  3. Storage of Foods

  4. Health Hazards

  5. Microbiology of Foods

  6. Foodborne Illnesses

  7. Personal Hygiene

  8. Food preparation

  9. Cleaning and Sanitizing

  10. Pest Control

  11. Plumbing

  12. Posting and Local Law

  13. Food Defense Strategies

 Overview of the course:

  • Created based on the New York City Food Protection Training manual. The entire course was reviewed by a NY State food hygiene training course instructor

  • Extensive use of photos and illustrations make it easy to grasp and understand the contents.

  • Explanation in simple English designed for employees with English as second language. 

  • Inspector's unannounced inspection case stories.

  • There is a test section at the end of each chapter, and learners can print the test result.

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Custom eLearning Courses

We develop company-specific content, such as employee training, internal safety standards, compliance issues, operational manuals and industry regulations, into e-learning format. 


Production history:

  • US Anti-Trust Compliance Guidelines e-learning

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Anti-Bribery Compliance Guidelines e-learning

  • Harbor Operation Safety Standards e-learning (13 volumes)

Corporate Training

We provide excellent corporate training for human resources development targeted at local employees working for Japanese corporations. Our corporate training includes on-site training, seminars and online training. Training topics include sexual harassment, cross-cultural communication, coaching skills, performance review and target setting, Japanese business manners, and many others. We offer classroom-type training designed according to our customer’s needs, such as how to be a global manager in an intercultural environment, leadership style for training global leaders, management skills, as well as team building and communication skills.

Executive Coaching

We offer leadership development for executives and senior managers with topics such as  strategy planning, corporate philosophy, mission, value creation and communication with employees. We will also provide leadership development in different cultures for overseas assignees and coaching for global manager training.

Who We Are

Waterview Consulting Group, Inc. supports management and employee

development of global companies by providing eLearning course

development, executive coaching and employee training.


Waterview believes "companies are people" as the starting point. We focus on the happiness and rewarding of each employee who supports and enhances the company so that they can demonstrate peak performance anywhere in the world.

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Waterview Consulting Group, Inc.

380 Minebrook Road Ste #101
Far Hills NJ 07931

Tel: 914-433-1447

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Our onboarding program is divided into two categories: new employee orientation onboarding program and company introduction onboarding program at the integration phase after M&A.

Our onboarding program is a powerful tool to assimilate employees, both newly hired and newly acquired, by offering a concrete grounding of values and cultures in the company for all employees to work and communicate effectively with each other.

Onboarding Production Process

  1. Consulting

  2. Drafting

  3.  Production

  4.  Delivery


We Help Our Customers Achieve Their Goals.

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