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This eLearning course intended to help all staff of restaurants, deli, or food service companies to learn about food protection procedures and prepare for unannounced visits by inspector.


The objectives of the course:

  • Every staff member learns about the cause of food poisoning, and will be able to avoid the situations causing food poisoning

  • Every kitchen staff member is equipped to answer correctly, any questions arising during  an unannounced inspection

  • Acquire and maintain the Grade A Certification

  1. Regulations and Inspections

  2. Introduction to Food Safety

  3. Receiving Foods

  4. Storage of Foods

  5. Health Hazards

  6. Microbiology of Foods

  7. Foodborne Illnesses

  8. Personal Hygiene

  9. Food Preparation

  10. Cleaning and Sanitizing

  11. Pest Control

  12. Plumbing

  13. Posting and Local Law

  14. Food Defense Strategies

​Food Protection eLearning Courses

 Overview of the course:

  • Created based on the New York City Food Protection Training manual. The entire course was reviewed by a NY State food hygiene training course instructor

  • Extensive use of photos and illustrations make it easy to grasp and understand the contents.

  • Explanation in simple English designed for employees with English as second language. 

  • Inspector's unannounced inspection case stories.

  • There is a test section at the end of each chapter, and learners can print the test result.


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